6 novembre 2012

... e noi non stiamo più nemmeno a guardare.

Per fortuna ci sono i fotoreporter a ricordarci come va, veramente, il mondo; guardando le foto pubblicate dal Boston Globe su The Big Picture è veramente difficile non pensare alle più volte citate parole di Reza Deghati:
«The image that I have is that the rich countries in the world are like a big Titanic where everything is regulated inside. You have different rooms – First-Class, Second-Class – you have a place to sleep and everything is working. There is a fantastic chef and all kinds of restaurants, a concert hall, and entertainment, all in this boat. Everything is fine and people are having fun.
    We, the photojournalists, are also living on this boat. Sometimes we jump out to go and see what is happening outside. What we find is that... My God, this boat is sailing in an ocean of fire and blood, everywhere. People are dying. Living in horrible conditions. Just holding onto some broken piece of wood with a family in the ocean, while the Titanic is just moving around them, sometimes even destroying them. So what we do is talk to these people and take some pictures, then we go back to the Titanic and we try to show our pictures, saying, 'Wait a minute! Stop! Stop! Look what's going on!' [...]
    The reason why we are doing this is to save both of these [groups of] people – [those] down in the ocean of fire and blood and also the people on the Titanic. If the people on the Titanic don't care about those people suffering in the ocean, the Titanic will be hit. It will be hit. There are too many people in fire and blood all over the world. There are too many suffering.»
Giovanni B.

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